Saturday, 22 August 2020

Best Places To Visit In Mount Abu!


There is no dearth of tourist places in India, nature has given all kinds of places here, in this one is the Aravali hills. It is in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is on the highest peak of the Aravalli hills. This place spreads its own shade, people come from far and wide to see it. It is a beautiful hill station. Mount Abu falls in a district called Sirohi in Rajasthan. It is completely different from other places in Rajasthan. There is always coolness here. On this page, the best places to visit in Mount Abu are being told in the summer season.

3 Best Places To Visit In Mount Abu:

Mount Abu is the main slope station in Rajasthan which is the most mainstream vacationer goal of this state because of its quiet condition and rich green condition. Mount Abu traveler’s goal is arranged on a high rough level in the Aravalli run which is encircled by woodland. The tranquil atmosphere of this spot and the perspective on the fields beneath make the sightseers very energized. Mount Abu's Nikki Lake is viewed as an extremely acclaimed place for sailing.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is a place with rich biodiversity that makes it a small and good tourist destination list. This sanctuary is one of the oldest places in the Mount Abu mountain ranges and you get to see many scenic spots along with its excellent views. The entire area was made a wildlife sanctuary to preserve flora and fauna.

Nakki Lake

Located in the height of the mountain, this sweet water lake is the first choice of the tourists. For this, it is said that God created this lake by digging with his fingernails.

Dilwara Jain Temple

The Dilwara Jain Temple is the most popular and beautiful pilgrimage site for the Jains situated amidst the Aravalli hills of Rajasthan. The temple was built by Vastupala and Tejpal between the 11th and 13th centuries. The Dilwara temple is famous for its intricate carvings and the marble structure of the har. This temple looks very simple from outside, but when you see this temple from inside, you will be attracted to the designs made on its roof, walls, arches, and pillars.

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